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BLU ASTRO, the new amazing creature of I PENTRI

It is difficult to say which of the wines of I PENTRI winery is more representative. Certainly, Kerres, a wine from 100% Piedirosso grape variety, has decisively marked the history of this winery making everyone understand, far beyond regional borders, what potential this grape variety has.

BLU ASTRO – 100% Piedirosso grape variety – who we might call Kerres’ youngest and noblest brother, comes from a special and unique soil composed of bluish grey marl rich also in marine fossils. A soil therefore of great value that is able to forge wines of great depth and longevity, with an important structure, olfactory complexity and strong finesse. The form of training is the simple Guyot. The yield per hectare is about 20 quintals.

The first vintage, 2011, fermented in barrique, aged for one year in barrique and for 6 years in bottle. BLU ASTRO 2011 vintage was produced in 698 bottles.

The visual analysis shows a wine with a very dark ruby red color, almost black, impenetrable. Purple red shades. The olfactory analysis reveals aromas of violet, raspberry, fresh blackberry, black mulberry, plum, licorice, slight notes of carob, tobacco. The varietal of Piedirosso grape is a vivid vein to the nose that immediately strikes you. A fresh, crisp, juicy, young, agile vein. A complex and fine olfactory profile. Excellent taste-olfactory persistence, silky tannins, infinite freshness. Long and intense sapidity. A wine that surprises for elegance and finesse of tones, for its soft and velvety movements. A wine of great balance and harmony but with a strong character and personality.

BLU ASTRO label is the work of the artist Joanna Elle Price. It represents two lovers kissing and forming the trunck of the vine. (


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